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Hair Extension Tools

Keratin Glued " I " Hair

Keratin Nailhead Hair

Best Remi Hair


Hairpiece Base Dsgn

Full Wig for Lady& Man

Men's Hairpiece

Lady Custom Wig

Wig Tools & Materials

 Lady Cap


Heat Shrink Tube For Hair Extension Experts

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R A Z O R   B L A D E

N e w  S t r a I g h t e n I n g I r o n

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Color ring with Gold or Silver printing

Tripod mannequin stand

Round mannequin stand


Brush Comb

20 Twist Comb-B

N 20T Comb-A

  Cushion Wire Wig Brush

 Tail Comb

 Wig Hanger ( 4 Colors )

Canvas Head

Big Wooden Head

Small Wooden Head

 German (Long ) Knotting Needle

Short Knotting Needle 2Cm

 Implant Needle

Machine Hairpiece Needle 

Plier and Two prong plier


Weaving Needle (I.J.C Type )

Knotting Needle Holder

Wire Comb : 55 F

Fine Mono Cap : Black, Skin

Welded Caps

PU Skin Cap

Stocking Material Wig Cap

Open Cap


Teeth Comb

Plastic Ducks Clips

Harcle:S-size: 27.5Cm,L-size:55Cm

Wooden Wig Wire Brush

As per your color ring, we produce.

Professional Brush

Lady Wig Stand

Man's Hairpiece Stand

T-Pin    Length : 5Cm, 3Cm

We are sorry not to enroll all tools and materials which you are desperately seeking for making hair pieces  because of no picture we have. But. we will continuously enroll many items with      related picture in which you can place order more properly.

For your reference, we record material & tools name only without picture as follows.
* Plastic Hook ( S - Type 8 - Type ) necessary for making Wig Cap
* P.V.C   Case for protecting Men's Toupee perfectly  :  Use when Packing
* Curling Paper
* Wire comb 55 teeth ( steel ).
* Needle Board or Drawing Mat
* Steel Molds  & Glass Moulds  for making Stock & Custom made Toupee , Skin   Cap ( 2.5Gr. 3Gr. 6Gr. 9Gr. 10Gr. 12Gr )
* Clamp Holder (Floor Stand or Attached to Table : We have two types of clamp)
* Wooden Wig Head for Making Wig base ( Any Size Available To  Supply )
* Canvas Head for Making Wig base
* Soft Glue , Hard Glue, Oil Glue -> These glues are for skin coating, V Knotting
* Poly Urethane ( 1070, 1090 )  
 In addition to these materials & Tools listed as above, we can supply anything.
 For your potential supplier in coming days, How about you to show us something you  are looking for by E-mail or Air mail  ?????
 We will send you counter sample for your originals
With only one custom made order, we hope to show good quality withsinc


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